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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Christmas Card to The White House and Capitol Hill...


Dear Barack and John - 

Just wanted to drop you a quick line during this holiday season!  In case you don't remember, this is Christine here - a small business owner in New York City, a woman and a proud, working Mom.  

Well let me tell you 2012 started off with promise and it was nice to hear from you all and I saw you were quite busy.  Lot's of campaigning to do and trying to save your job.  Boy I know how that feels lol!   Exhausting isn't it?  You did good though - wow I mean $1 billion each that is amazing and we were so glad to hear that.

We opened a retail store in 2008 as you may or may not know, but unfortunately it did not go as well as your campaign.  We put up a good fight though and the neighborhood loved it, but we just were not breaking even so we had to close it this year.  We too tried to raise money - but the banks just weren't lending.  A shame - just a few thousand would have come in handy. I can only imagine needing to raise one billion - boy oh boy.

We did manage to send you some money though and I swear you both said you were doing all sorts of things for small businesses, but it just didn't reach us - maybe we are too small?  Maybe you could check on that.

OH!  I almost forgot.  They did open up a homeless shelter right around the corner.  So many families in need and we were proud to see it happen - but strangely it was for drug addicted men who have a history of pedophilia and crime - not families.  I totally understand they need help too and that your neighborhoods probably don't have any open space - but unfortunately I had to then sell my apartment because our crime went up really high and I had a man from the shelter come after me in CVS pharmacy fully naked.  It was a little scary for my 5 year old.

How was the weather there?  Well Boy Howdy - it has been warm - why just yesterday it was almost 60 degrees!  You know I would say it was strange - but Todd and I were talking and said oh yeah it was like this last year too?!  Ha! Maybe we will get that Florida home after all and not even have to move!  Have to tell you we had a beach - yes a beach for a whole week just across the street. Right here in NYC.  Unfortunately so many others lost their actual homes.  That water came right up and took their homes away.  I know what it's like to be busy. It is not easy managing everything - so when FEMA and Red Cross couldn't seem to find everyone, we really banded together as a community.  food, clothes and shelter - we all provided what we could.

Maybe you could check in on that and see what happened at FEMA and Red Cross - drop them a line. 

Now I didn't want to mention it - as I heard on the news that you two have been fighting again - but we had another school shooting here.  It was so horrible and there truly are no words.  It was wonderful to see your compassion and words as a leader Barack.  Again I know you are busy, but I really hope you can fulfill your promise to ban assault weapons.  It would truly be a way to honor those lives lost and just maybe their parents and loved ones could feel that their country's leaders heard their guttural cries of pain.

Oh one last thing. I know you have to go on vacation now - but it would really be great if you could figure that fiscal cliff thing.  John I have to hand it to you - you sure are a quick thinker and boy you did waste a minute - it was like what 49 seconds  You really are impressive!  It would take me a good long day at least to really consider a proposal.  Wish I had those smarts - but guess that is why you are there leading Capitol Hill.

Well again don't want to bother you - but if you could figure it out it would be great.  I don't want to be a pest, but when you guys don't figure things out on time - it really starts to affect me and others.  See if you can't figure it out - then people and businesses get nervous and they don't buy anymore.  And I make things for sale.  If people don't buy - then my business can't survive.  I know times are tough and we must all cut back.  I swear I have - I closed my store, sold my apartment, moved and reduced expenses as much as I possibly can.  I guess I could keep living off of my savings and will, but if you could just try it would be appreciated.  I was hoping to use that savings for my son's college and our eventual retirement.

I know, I know I shouldn't have gone to art school and should have just went straight to Goldman, but dangit I had a dream and now here I am supporting a family and if you could just figure it out in the next week it would really help us.

Well listen - happy holidays - really - it's been great to have this time and nice catching up with you. And I want to thank you - I know you have a job and a boss to report to.  Say hi to the kids for us and hope to hear more from you next year.




  1. Have widely tweeted this. Brilliant.

    1. Thank you Annonymous. I appreciate your support and your tweets!